Thousand Islands Region Serving Southeastern Ontario and Upstate New York. We provide the boat, driver & instruction

Charleston lake watersports

Charleston Lake watersports


June — September

Telephone (613) 924-1794

If you are trying to contact us out of season, please send an email to: waterskiorboard[at]

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Member School of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada

WSWO - Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario

Member School of Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario

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Charleston Lake Watersports

Home to Waterski, Wakeboard, Wake Skate, Kneeboarding & all other towed watersports in the Brockville, Athens and the Thousand Island region

All towed watersport lessons given

We provide the boat, driver & fully qualified instruction to teach water sking, wakebaording, kneeboarding and all other towed watersports

No previous experience necessary

At Charleston Lake Watersports all levels of skill are welcome. We cater for beginners right through to advanced levels.


Great family activity

We welcome families of all sizes and small children are most welcome

The best equipped waterski school

Charleston Lake watersports provides all the necessary equipment for any session free of charge.

Seasoned riders and skiers welcome

Experienced riders are welcome to bring own equipment

Stunning waterski location

Charleston Lake provides a beautiful and idyllic backdrop to your day. Check out the Gallery to see our photos